Dear Parishioners,

The following Mass times are now in place.

Saturday evening      6.00 pm St. Joseph’s

Sunday morning        9.30 am St. Joseph’s
                             11.00 am St. James’

Sunday evening        6.00 pm St. James’

Midweek Mass times will be 9.30 am for both parishes

Monday               9.30 am St. Joseph’s
Tuesday              9.30 am St. James’
Wednesday         9.30 am St. James’
Thursday             9.30 am St. Joseph’s
Friday                  9.30 am St. James’

Holydays of Obligation

1st Mass Prev.      7.00 pm St. Joseph’s
                          08.30 am St.  Joseph’s
                          10.00 am St. James’
                          7.00 pm St. James’

Baptisms will take place as follows:

Saturday              12.00 noon  St. Joseph’s
Sunday                12.30 pm     St. James’

I will review these arrangements in due course in order to assess if they are fit for purpose and will announce any future changes, if any, accordingly.

If you are seeking information on our Parish Schools, or Mass times in our Pastoral Area, please follow this link to our ‘Links’ page.

Best Wishes

Fr. Gerry

If you are moving into the area please complete the Welcome Card which can be found on the ‘Contact Us’ page.