baptismsBaptism is the gateway to the sacraments of the Church and is necessary for salvation. Through Baptism men, women and children are freed from sin, reborn as children of God and incorporated into the Church.

Canon 857 n.2 states that as a rule an adult is to be baptised in his or her local parish church and an infant in the local parish church of the parents. The parish is the place where the adult or infant resides within the parish boundaries of the local church.

The reason for celebrating Baptism in the local parish church is that since Baptism incorporates a person into the universal community of the faithful, this incorporation is best signified through incorporation into a concrete local parish community.

Baptisms are to be booked by appointment only.

Fees & Charges

No New Graves

Re-Open Old Grave – £200.00

Inter Cremated Remains – £80.00

Inter Cremated Remains in new plot – £175.00

Service for burial of Ashes – £30.00

Service in Church (Includes on to cremation/burial) – £250.00

New Memorial – £150.00

Additional Inscription – £75.00

Placement of Vase/Tablet/Memorial (up to 21” high) – £60.00

Organist & Choir Funeral/Wedding – £70.00

Registrar – £85.00

Service only at Crematorium – £250.00

Marriage in Church – £250.00

Baptism – £50.00